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Hello and welcome to my Book Review Site!


I am a lover of books, running and nature. I read while I run, and I run while I read.

I discovered reading when I was in middle grade. Growing up I was always active in sports and read the day away next to my studies. Eventually life and jobs and responsibilities took over!  (Isn't that how it goes?) Next thing I know…it’s 25 years later and I  finally find myself reaching into bookshelves again and diving into audio books. Today, my old love has become my passion. 

Usually I read 1-3 books simultaneously. This requires me to read a diverse array of genres to not cloud several narratives together. Because I am a mood reader, I like to switch things up. Currently, I read about 6 books a month on average (I used to read 8-12 books a month, but this year I had some other challenges come my way that require more of my time) and I review those on GR, NetGalley and here. My favorite genres are fiction, historical fiction, fantasy and graphic novels across all the ages. Occasionally I'll read thrillers, mysteries, non-fiction and classics as well.

Also, I love history! The history of things, places and the history of people. While living in Europe, I had the opportunity to travel and sight-see some really amazing places and meet interesting people. My interest in travel to historic sites does reflect on my site occasionally! Currently I am exploring the beauty, nature and history the US has to offer. 

Please join me in bookish chatter and enjoy my site. You’ll find the books I look forward to reading this year, my reviews, my community spotlight pages as well as some beautiful nature pics I took while on the trails.

Thanks for stopping by :) 


As always Happy Reading!

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