Strangers in Paradise 4

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Katchoo loves Francine, but her wild past and dangerous enemies prove to be more than Francine can handle. Find out where the girls go from here in the fourth Pocket Book collection of the Strangers in Paradise story.


My Review:


OMIGOSH the ending of this edition is just a tear jerker!

The love triangle continues to alternate with the mystery and intrigue regarding Katchoo's past as an underage lesbian hooker and the Parker Crime Syndicate. Enjoy every character a bit more grown up but at times very confused still about their future ideas for life and purpose. The ups and downs render you to feel for these characters and root for them along the way. Again, every human emotion is touched on and the lyrics and poetry are back very strong in this volume. 

I continued reading this series in the pocket book edition, since our library does not have them in the original editions anymore. 
Strangers in Paradise Pocket Book 4 comprises Vol. 3, #40–45, 47–48, 50–60, which makes this a 376 page graphic novel. My only tiny gripe with that is, that the pics, text boxes and graphics are all smaller then the original sized novels. 

If you happen to find yourself in a reading slump, give this series a try. It reads effortlessly and you will get lost in it.