Strangers in Paradise, I Dream of You

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From its comic beginnings in the first book, SiP takes a dramatic turn in I Dream Of You. Katchoo returns from a mysterious three-month trip to Canada to find her trusted friend David and roommate Francine angry and demanding answers. But Katchoo can't tell Francine the truth: that she was once a highly paid call girl working for the wicked and powerful Darcy Parker. Now, after two years of hiding within Francine's quiet domestic life, Parker has found Katchoo and threatens to take away the one thing Katchoo holds most dear, the secret love of her life, Francine. 

In this touching story of unrequited love set against the backdrop of organized crime, writer/artist Terry Moore delivers an unforgettable love story that has become a graphic novel classic, winning the Eisner Award for Best Continuing Series.

I Dream of You Collects Strangers in Paradise (1994 Abstract) #1-8 


My Review: is possible! 

You CAN get lost in a graphic novel...and I did! Going about my day, I did not want to put this down. Every moment I could, I picked it back up.

Volume II delivered! The story took off, the characters grew on me and were relatable and likeable, there were many plot twists around and the poetry was lovely. 

I am so in for continuing the adventure. Loved it!