Strangers in Paradise, Love Me Tender

Strangers in Paradise, Love Me Tender.jpg




This collection presents a restless time for Francine, Kathcoo and David as they struggle with their relationships in the aftermath of the I Dream of You period. However, in their self-absorbing conflicts they fail to notice an ominous presence that rises and surrounds their lives like a deadly storm. A powerful look at the human heart caught off guard. This collection includes a five page color dream sequence by Jim Lee!


My Review:


"Take my hand, I'm a stranger in paradise, oh lost in a wonderland, I am a stranger in paradise. 
If I stand starry-eyed that's the danger in paradise for mortals who stand beside an angel like you. 
Won't you answer this fervent prayer of a stranger in paradise, don't send me in dark despair from all that I hunger for, but open your angels arms to this stranger in paradise and tell her that she need be a stranger no more."

.....and that is the sweet and agonizing tale of Francine and Katchoo!