Strangers in Paradise, My Other Life

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My Other Life contains the powerful and moving story of a horrendous plane crash that rips the lives of Francine, Katchoo and David apart. And, to make matters worse, Katchoo discovers the plane crash was no accident, as the demons from her other life come back to claim her for good. A heartbreaking story that launched the SIP books in a new direction.


My Review:


Tragedy, Twist, Sacrifice

Everything seems to come around full circle. I really like the characters strong friendship albeit their differences. Francine is like the diamond in the rough, and Katchoo carries a heavy burden by being so intuitive and skilled. 
My favorite scenes in this volume were the beach banter, and the football memory. But BEWARE! That shocker in the middle hurt! My advice: ice cream or cookie dough and tissues!!!

I ♥ U - Katchoo