Paper Girls 1

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In the early hours after Halloween of 1988, four 12-year-old newspaper delivery girls uncover the most important story of all time. Suburban drama and otherworldly mysteries collide in this smash-hit series about nostalgia, first jobs, and the last days of childhood.

Paperback, 144 pages

Published April 5th 2016 by Image Comics (first published March 30th 2016)



My Review:


November 1, 1988….the morning of Hell. Before sunrise, the paper girls are on their bikes armed with the Cleveland Paper out for delivery. Under ordinary circumstances, these girls aren’t to be messed with. Cigarette smoking, hockey sticks at the ready and equipped with flashlights, these bad-ass girls mouth off to the rowdiest street suspects, and almost defy the law…U N T I L the discovery of some alien capsule changes their fateful morning and culminates into a clash with zombies, dinosaur birds and other sh.. never heard off.

Between wound eating bugs and other alien ware, the girls find themselves in strange surroundings that the capsule may have created and they are thrown into the midst of a whole new timeline.


Sassy, witty, badass…what is not to like? In parts weird and creepy, it’s like Christmas crack you can’t stop until the end. And it is a cliffhanger leading to book 2.

I liked it. A little nostalgia there for me, as I remember my paper route when I was 12. But every now and then I need that something, something that stretches normalcy out of proportions. I recommend! 😊