Jane of Lantern Hill

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Jane and her mother live in a gloomy old mansion, where their lives are ruled by her overbearing grandmother. For most of her life Jane has believed that her father is dead. Then, one dull April morning, a letter comes. Not only is her father alive and well, but he wants Jane to spend the summer with him on Prince Edward Island. 

For a blissful summer she lives at her father's cottage on Lantern Hill, making friends, having adventures and discovering that life can be wonderful after all. And she dares to dream that there could be such a house where she, Mother and Father could live together without Grandmother's disapproval - a house that could be called home. 


My Review:


What a darling little novel this is.

Jane lives with her mother and grandmother at 60 Gay Street in an old mansion. Her grandmother rules the house with a strict hand and is keeping Jane and her mother from experiencing any joy in daily life. Always trying to please everyone, being obedient and good natured, Jane works really hard at trying to fit in as a proper girl in grandmas society. However, it never seems to be enough and she keeps getting ridiculed by her.

What Jane does not know, is that her father is actually alive and well on Prince Edward Island. One day he sends a letter that Jane is to spend the summer with him on the island. This seems to be the most terrible idea to Jane, as she will miss her mother so much.

After the long and exhausting travel, she finally arrives and is immediately captivated by her father. Very naturally they fall into this endearing father daughter relationship and the island living suits Jane very much.

As you read this book through Janes’ eyes, you can’t help but picture yourself looking up to this gentle, wise father that loves her for who she is. And since she is such a sweet and pleasing girl, she takes on the role as the care taker for dad in the house. All the cooking, gardening and cleaning at her own will and desire, give her such a boost in her self-confidence that this summer actually becomes the best of her life.

Together, they have lovely adventures, read poetry and quote bible verses. Her father opens up about his relationship with her mother and you can’t help but feel such a tender spot for him and Jane.

L.M. Montgomery is the same (Canadian) author of the Anne of Green Gables series and her writing does not disappoint. It is really very lovely and I wish I had a little girl to share this with.

This is a standalone novel I believe, and she has written a few others like this and other series.

It is definitely and endearing read for the young and old alike.

I was happy to buddy read this with the lovely Kate from The Novel Nomad channel, who creates amazing bookish videos. :)