The Lost Child of Lychford

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It’s December in the English village of Lychford – the first Christmas since an evil conglomerate tried to force open the borders between our world and… another.

Which means it’s Lizzie’s first Christmas as Reverend of St. Martin’s. Which means more stress, more expectation, more scrutiny by the congregation. Which means… well, business as usual, really.

Until the apparition of a small boy finds its way to Lizzie in the church. Is he a ghost? A vision? Something else? Whatever the truth, our trio of witches (they don’t approve of “coven”) are about to face their toughest battle, yet!

Genres: Historical Fiction / Paranormal / Mystery

Author: Paul Cornell

Paperback, 144 pages

Published: November 1st 2016

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My Review

The witches of Lychford, Autumn, Lizzie and Judith are busy with the upcoming Christmas season and keeping the English village safe.

As Lizzie is busy with preparations at the church for the festivities, two strange things happen. One, a boy appears in a ghostly form and two, a young couple comes to church insisting on getting married in the church on Christmas Eve.

The couple seemed suspect to me from the beginning, as they have all their plans laid out on how exactly they want the ceremony to be. Thrown off with the peculiar ways, Lizzie is trying to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Autumn is busy with her shop and gets involved in a little mystery that leads to a big cover up involving many people of the town. Extracting information and doing physical experiments help her solve the riddle, if not to be stumped by Lizzies apparition of the seemingly lost boy.

Both of the younger witches are losing their training wheels in this sequel to the Witches of Lychford as they are thrust further into the magical realms and the defense of the town.
The novel picks up considerably from the first which makes it a whirlwind of interesting, without losing charm and character. Such a spooky and joyful autumn read. I wonder what’s in store for them next :) 