The Flight Attendant

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Cassandra Bowden is no stranger to hungover mornings. She's a binge drinker, her job with the airline making it easy to find adventure, and the occasional blackouts seem to be inevitable. She lives with them, and the accompanying self-loathing. When she awakes in a Dubai hotel room, she tries to piece the previous night back together, already counting the minutes until she has to catch her crew shuttle to the airport. She quietly slides out of bed, careful not to aggravate her already pounding head, and looks at the man she spent the night with. She sees his dark hair. His utter stillness. And blood, a slick, still wet pool on the crisp white sheets. Afraid to call the police--she's a single woman alone in a hotel room far from home--Cassie begins to lie. She lies as she joins the other flight attendants and pilots in the van. She lies on the way to Paris as she works the first class cabin. She lies to the FBI agents in New York who meet her at the gate. Soon it's too late to come clean-or face the truth about what really happened back in Dubai. Could she have killed him? If not, who did? 

Kindle Edition, 368 pages

Published March 13th 2018 by Doubleday


My Review:


Well, well, well....what an ending!

The Flight Attendant was a great book. It had me from the get-go. It was an unexpected, ruthless ride I was glad to take. For one, I don’t live a life that takes me to all these amazing places, and two, it touches on the darker, dirty side that some of the ladies and gentleman in that profession witness or practice….in my wildest dreams of course!

Cassandra Bowden is the quintessential party girl. City to city, bar to bar, bed to bed. AND, she is a flight attendant. One morning, she finds herself waking up next to man she met on a flight to Dubai. To her horror, he is dead. His throat has been slashed and she finds the remnants of a broken bottle next to the bed on her nightstand. The problem: She can’t remember the night! It’s a blackout night for her. 

Before she knows it, word gets out. Back on US soil, she tells herself, that this will not catch up with her. Of course in her mind…there are all kinds of explanations. She can spin it one way or another. But when the FBI comes knocking on her door, how long can she keep her cool?


This was amazing people! Simply put, it was fast, character driven, exciting, worldly, exotic, twisty, shamefully and ruthless.
However, the ending might surprise you. I highly recommend…and I need more reads like this! Enjoy