Trails in Beautiful WV


West Virginia is a beautiful state. There is this area nestled by the New Gorge River that is dear to my heart. Not only is this area well known for whitewater rafting, geocaching, fishing, zip lining, hiking and repelling, it is also rich in Appalachian art, history, blue grass music, long railways and coal mines. The local mix of river-rats, mom & pop shops and the friendly folks that live there, are worth a visit and will welcome you most warmly. A truly special place to hang out, let your soul relax and get lost in a book. 

One of the most iconic symbols in this area is the New River Gorge Bridge. For many years it was the longest single arched bridge of its' kind measuring 3,030 feet (924 m) long. Tourists can now walk almost the entire length underneath and also enjoy the annual bridge day festival when the most daring daredevils bungee jump down into the gorge. 

Although I am not brave enough to do that, I have rafted there a few times (which was amazing!) and enjoyed the area trails. The morning mist / fog and the sunsets are amazing here. 

One book that stands out to me till this day that I read here on the trails was The Boy in the Striped Pajamas by John Boyne. Unforgettable. 

Look at the raw beauty here: