July 2018



Summer time is reading time!

When the days aren't so hot and muggy, I love to go outside and read the day away... This month I did some traveling, including one week unplugged from Social Media. That should have given me plenty of time to do a ton of reading. However, I spent a good 10 days of July not reading at all. Somehow, summer has been one of the busiest times for me this year...and I can't believe July is OVER!  So, I am officially counting on the next month and the following seasons to tip me over my reading goals. 


So Close! 






Here is a short recap of my reading this month:


Untitled design.jpg




This is a witty satire and fast read. The shenanigans in this novel are ridiculously funny and I almost guessed it to be British. But no, this is all happening in Minnesota, US! Who would have thought? 



meet me at the museum.jpg


Inspired by the actual Tollund Man and the real Silkeborg Museum in Denmark, this epistolary novel is all about friendship. Trina and Anders share a deep connection that evokes them to think. They are not always of the same opinion, but feel they can respectfully express themselves to the other. Their vulnerabilities makes this novel sweet and real. 



Hidden Bodies.jpg


This novel is fast paced and easily readable with raw and explicit language at times. While the plot took place in CA, the writing produced all the vibes I sort of envision of the area. Kepnes captured the highs and lows of society and cultural differences from East to West brilliantly under the microscope. I felt the people, heard the streets, smelled the ocean and made friends in new places. 



the poppy war.jpg


Inspired by the history of China’s 19th and early 20th century, this fantasy novel eludes to the brutality of the Invasion of Manchuria by the Japanese and the awful medical atrocities committed by Japan. While the plot is infused with shamans, magical creatures and a bad-ass heroine, it parallels and draws closely to historical events worth brushing up upon. 





This dystopian novella with Orwellian feel is enhanced with gritty, page turning suspense leaving the reader riveted and on the edge. Well written, it offers satirical moments and alarmingly suffocating elements, creating empathy for the characters in the world they live in. The thought provoking concept adds depth to the premise while the plot delivers unforeseeable twists. 



the grey bastards.jpg


Going down in history…I stinking loved this grungy, squalid fantasy! It is the imperfectly perfect underdog story with strong, sexy, filthy, flawed characters, attitude and comradery. Wizards, maidens, half-bloods and fantastical beasts….an upgraded adulterated version bad-ass fantasy with a vulgar punch.



And we are off to August! 

Happy Reading Everyone :)