Strangers in Paradise 5

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While David finds solace with Katchoo, Francine can only think of her past relationship with her former best friend. As Katchoo becomes the toast of the town, Francine finds herself looking for peace in the Caribbean. Our unlikely friends seem to be drifting apart until they are set on a collision course back to Houston!


My Review:


This series does not fail to entertain. 

Starting this pocket book 5, Volume III, issues #61-#72, #74-#76 of with David's past was great. I still had so many questions about his character and involvement in the menage a trois! A good bit was spent on him and I have come to like him very much. 

Again, there is nothing to be missed in this graphic novel. From Showgirls, to art galleries, low-lifes' and Vegas's all in here!

There is only ONE MORE Pocket book left in the series. I will miss these characters so much.....