Strangers in Paradise 6

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This is the final book in the Strangers in Paradise Pocket Book series chronicling the lives of Francine and Katchoo. When her famous brother-in-law falls prey to a crazed fan's bullet, Francine is forced to confront her own doubts and fears about the life she has chosen. In a bold move, she leaves her cheating husband and tries to reconnect with the only person she ever truly loved, Katchoo. But things have changed since Francine left, Katchoo has changed, and it soon becomes apparant that if Francine wants her friend back she's going to have to fight for her. 


My Review:



The current last issue of the series has come to a close. Evoking deeper emotions of the adult characters the love triangle comes to a resolve and a semi happy ending. 

Primarily we are following David and the world around him in this last installment. I have enjoyed spending time reading about this character, since he is simply such a good guy. And ultimately he is the glue that keeps them all together. 

I don't want to give anything away by saying too much about the ending. I personally feel that wrapping it up with the "surprises" at the end were perhaps a bit convenient. There was no twist or pitfall, no more climax. In part that is because the whole series has taken on a more humane and relatable aspect as the characters grew up and life became demanding. I definitely enjoyed that as well as all the craziness of the first issues. However, I don't have a few million $$ in an off shore bank account to fully grasp the characters I suppose, haha. 

Katchoo and Francine have been by my side it seems, for a good 3 months while I worked my way through reading about them. It is silly to think that a graphic novel can stick with you. But this series definately does. For all it's funny, silly, sad, deep, whack, and surprise moments....I will miss them around.....till I reread the series. 

"I've been without you, I've been so deep within you, And the feeling's still the same when I'm holding you, I can't even remember my name." p. 245, pocket book 6, last installment.