The choice to be a hero is simple, even in the future. 
When a world-quake takes everything from you, you fight to survive. You save your daughter and the rest can go to hell. 
In a world where nanotech suffuses everything, Saul teaches his students how to manipulate matter. Little did he know that time was about to run out for the overpopulated planet of seventeen billion people. 
When the quake strikes, he does everything he can to get to his daughter Catherine's side, keeping what is left of his family together. The fact that the rest of the world sees him as a hero matters little to a man on a mission.


My review:


This is what a slice of Sci-fi pie oozing with tech, imagination and danger should read like! A bite sized nugget packed to the brim with action and saving a civilization from catastrophe in outer worldly dimensions! 

The novel reads in timelines T-minus (enter minutes here!) as a countdown to an event that Soul, the main character is trying to halt. Not only is his immediate family in dire situation, but so is the entirety of civilization. 

Soul is a very savvy individual who does not need to stand a hero. He is lead in his field with a heart to balance out life. He is a cool and collected guy, but when this catastrophic situation brings him to his knees, his students step in trying to help him in his mission. Can they help in the unthinkable? How many lives will be lost? And will they survive?

I should be the last person to read sci-fi, I know. Unexpected, but I was curious! I may not be a great judge in the content of this novel and the tech that went way over my head despite the guide in the novel, but I do recognize the making of good writing. 

It is very obvious that in terms of the technical details of imagined workings of the minds that can reach others and build dimensions and bridges, the author was fully comfortable in the matter. The science that goes behind such flow of ideas and inner workings as such is not in my understanding but it is executed with high expertise. 

The story seemed to be better in the second half for me. I attribute that to the entering of other persons in the novel, which added to a better reading experience for me. Human interactions that I could relate with.

I do believe this author has the makings to hit it big with the right audience. I will not be surprised when that happens. The passion for the subject simply shines through. 

I have made highlights from the novel on kindle available on Goodreads if you are interested to peek into the science lingo. Enjoy :)