Inlaws and Outlaws

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She knows what’s best for her son, and it’s not you 

Eve has an idiosyncratic relationship with the truth, is a borderline psychopath (according to her psychologist friend Claire), and has a rather colourful past. But her heart is in the right place. Having recently met Gideon everything seems, at last, to be working out rather well for her. Then he introduces her to his mother. Marjorie clearly believes that she knows what’s best for her son, and it’s definitely not Eve. 

Over the next few months Eve struggles as Marjorie seems hell-bent on undermining her relationship with Gideon at every opportunity. Then, a chance meeting with someone very close to Marjorie confirms Eve’s worst fears – there are literally no lengths to which Marjorie will not go to get Eve out of her son’s life. Using her own ingenuity, and with help from some very unexpected quarters, Eve finds herself caught up in a very high stakes game indeed, in which there can be only one winner. 


My Review:


No…she is not a monster Mother in Law! Only a self-observed, negative and Uber-egocentric one! 

Eve meets her future In-Laws over dinner, and if that isn’t nerve wracking in itself, she does not miss the subtle indescrepencies going on right from the beginning. Her boyfriend Gideon seems to be oblivious. He thinks his mother is amazing!

Over the course of the next few meetings things get increasingly stranger and Eve seeks wisdom from her friend psychologist. Feeling reassured but uneasy, she tries to keep her negative suspicions that her future Mother in Law Marjorie does not like her under wrap.

But then the obvious happens. Not once, but twice…..and Gideon still seems to not put one and one together. But Eve has had enough. She too can play people and stab them in the back! And so, this cozy family drama turns into a little mystery! Could this end deadly? Who knows? Ever had In Laws of such proportions? 


This was a slow burn kind of read, but I enjoyed it. After about 60% of the book it turns into a sleuth mystery type read. I had thought at so many moments that Eve should just give up….this guy is not worth it. But what she ended up doing and the way things got twisted closer to the end of the book made me race to finish it. I just had to know. So many secrets, so many characters involved, and Eve was playing them like marionettes! I guess Marjory found a match with her daughter In-Law!
Great Read 😊

I received a digital copy of 'In-Laws and Outlaws' from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. Thank you!


Update as of 04/26/2018

Thank you Kate Fulford for sending me a signed copy of this beauty. I am so happy to have the physical book at hand :)