December 2018


Hello book family and fellow bookworms :)

How are you doing? How has your December been? I hope you have had some wonderful holidays with lot’s of reading time.

After having visitors at my house between November and December for a good 4-5 weeks, I was happy to do nothing much but read in peace. I had so many reviews to catch up on so there was some serious cramming involved on my end as soon as I closed the door behind my visitors. But as the holidays progressed the stress of it eased off and I am over all pretty happy with the month and my surpassing my 2018 GR Reading goal.

Total pages read in December 2018: 3523


And Here is what I read

Blissful Land.jpg

Blissful Land

The premise of a love story set in a Tibet village is what drew me to this novel. It sounded wonderfully foreign.

Starry Messenger.jpg

Starry Messenger

Very poetic with beautiful quotes and pictures to look at, Starry Messenger touches on Galileo's highs of his scientific mind, career and discovery as well as his dark demise under the persecution of the church for his thinking.

The Things We Learn When We Are DEAD.jpg

The Thins we learn when we’re dead

Most times, it’s too late to figure it all out. Sometimes, there is the chance to make things right before the domino effect sets all else in motion. Never is there time to tell loved ones everything we wanted to before a fatal accident…unless you are Lorna Love!

Willa of the Wood.jpg

Willa of the Wood

This was such a magically wonderful book. When you are young, you are one with your environment and nature and the wonder never ceases. Willa and her tribe embody and cherish the natural world, the forest and the animals.

The Ruin.jpg

The Ruin

This is your classic police detective murder mystery, set in Ireland. If you enjoy those good old fashioned plots with your average underdog detective solving cases while the police department is trying to alienate him and you know that something fishy is going on, then this is your book.

The Sleeper and the Spindle

This book I listened to on audio. My short review will be on Goodreads.

A flight of broken wings.jpg

A Flight of Broken Wings

A charismatic and suspenseful page turner. Unputdownable! This book was amazing. So different from any other urban fantasy that I have read before. A breath of fresh air. I loved the whole concept and was swept away in the streets battling it out right next to Ruban.

Assassin’s Apprentice

Let’s roll out the red carpet for one master story teller! Robin Hobb is truly a master of imagination and her craft (seems like!) to effortlessly compose her vison on paper as a printed work of art.

for better and worse.jpg

For Better and Worse

Lies have short legs…. In the case of Natalie and Will Clarke, this happens to be a big detriment…a lesson to be learned the hard way. Told for the first part of the novel in the voice of Nat and the second half from Will’s point of view, this novel is a wild ride. And I stinkin’ loved it.

The Black Bull of Norroway

Based on the classic Scottish fairy tale, this is the first title in a new series co-created by sibling writer/artist team CAT SEATON and KIT SEATON, begins the adventure of a lifetime.

A light over London.jpg

The Light over London

Positively touching, a sweet romantic slow burn sweep through two historical timelines. Separate, yet intertwined are the walks of two woman from different backgrounds and times, who want to follow their hearts and are thrown devastating challenges their way.



Eat or be eaten. Survival of the fittest...Life during the cretaceous period belonged to the giants at large or the smaller vicious ones stealing and vying on prey in groups.

Wrapping up the year of 2018, I have read 128 books.


I like to rate books on GR but not on my site. When I post a review on Gr, I usually state at the top of my review if I give any half stars. If a novel rates better than a 3 but not a 4 then I give it half points. The number of stars I highlight on GR depends on if it is leaning towards the higher or lower number. For example, a book is amazing but not quite 5 stars, then I will assign it 4.5 stars but mark 5 on GR. Is it amazing but not quite a 5 for me, then I will mark a 4 but could still rate it 4.5. I basically use a rounding up or down system.

Looking back, I decided to list my 5 and 4 star reads I read this year incl. non 2018 publications. Again, a 3.5 read that tends toward 4 stars will be included and listed as a 4 star read on GR.

Presentation is in no particular order here, and the following books earned my 4 & 5 stars :)

My 4 & 5 star reads!

May 2019 be filled with books and all the time to read them ;)

Cheers everyone!