November 2018


Hello Book Friends!

Hi…. so, this is how my month went!

To explain this…I was on an unscheduled hiatus for most of the month. I had a SURPRISE visit from Europe by some family. Combined with my little vacation at the beginning of the month and traveling for the Thanksgiving weekend, I was in the constant ache of wanting to read and blog, but having too many other forces tugging at me that left little time to no time. To help this, I began listening to a few audio books…however, their loans ran out before I was able to finish any of them to review. I just could not be rude to my guests and sit down for my most precious hobby. BUT, I am trying to catch up and will be in the full swing of things shortly.

I do have a few highlights to share on the book-end of things. And they deserve mentioning.

First off, I received amazing book mail from publishers this month thanks to William Morrow and Crooked Lane Books. That made me uber happy! Check these out:

Secondly, I did finish two amazing reads in November and reviewed them:

Emerging from the depths of human emotions, this debut novel brilliantly captures all the dark and light places a family experiences when tragedy hits. With stunning empathy and intelligence, Anissa Gray explores in alternate voices the portrait of siblings left to pick up the pieces of their oldest sister’s life, as well as confront, heal and overcome their own daemons from the past.

A stunning piece of fiction based on the exploitation of trumpeter swans in the Montana Flathead area and inspired by the efforts to reintroduce these amazing creatures back into nature. Gorgeously written in the highest of literary senses, this novel draws on the wisdom of observing nature and paints the most beautiful of rugged, yet tender landscapes imaginable.

Thirdly, I was nominated by Nick of OUT OF THIS WORLD SFF REVIEWS for the Blogger Recognition Award. That meant a lot to me, so thank you! If you are not following Nick yet, check out his blog and social media. Great person to follow for content as well as community spirit.

And then, one thing led to another… I googled my own blog, and this came up!

Although I do not consider myself a YA Book Blogger, but rather a Fiction Book Blogger, I am happy to receive positive feed back. Thank you!


For the above reasons, I did not make substantial book purchases, but believe me, my finger was on the trigger…a lot….especially around the Black Friday weekend.

For the past few weeks, I have been searching for a readable copy of Moby Dick…I know…strange perhaps. A lot of prints are small and for some reason, I never encounter it when I shop in charity shops. So, I came across this edition with good size print to read at BAM. I will still hold an eye out for a special edition of some sort, but I really wanted a good readable font size. This fit it well.


There are many authors and bloggers that I interact with or follow on social media. I want to take a moment and highlight a few of those that stood out to me in November.

Bloggers / Booklovers:

Susanne Strong - Never wait long for something new to read by her; always supportive and cheering me on.

Amalia Gavea of The Opinionated Reader - I love her spirited posts, book choices and great reviews.

Debrah Cohen - on the ball with her reviews and RT’s in the bookish community.

Elliot Blackwell (Into the Forest Dark) - Lovely quotes with a passion for fairy tales to fill your feed.

Marialyce of yayareadslotsofbooks - Brighten your day with her array of post announcements :)


Joan Schweighardt, author of BEFORE WE DIED - I love the connection made and her zest for supporting bloggers.

Kevin Ansbro, author of KINNARA - He is on the pulse of things and a force on social media. Thank you!

Kim M. Watt, author of BAKING BAD - She has such an uplifting attitude and I am glad to see her on my feed every day!


My Thyroid Healing update #3 by Mischenko - Very insightful. We all have a life outside of books and this was an amazing post.

The Gutter Prayer, review by Petrik Leo of Novel Notions - Great review of the highly anticipated title of 2019 we are all waiting to read!

TTBG’s Fifteen Blogging Tips by Drew of THE TATTOOED BOOKGEEK - Great as always!

Thanks for all your RT’s, Tweets and likes. I appreciate you!

For December, I really just wish to be reading on my free time and enjoy the season with friends and family. I have quite a bit of Netgalley titles lined up as well as author requests. The rest will be up to my mood…

As always,

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