October 2018


Happy Fall Everyone!

The leaves are turning, the temperatures are dropping. Admittedly, I am in one of the warmest parts of the US. It is now in the 60’s, and I am freezing! Yes, the memes are all true….we shut down when there is a snow flake on the horizon of the forecast. I blame infrastructure…we are always stocked with sunscreen, not so much with snow removal equipment :)

My reading adventures!

This month I read three seafaring tales, descended into the jungle, helped witches safe their town, followed the heels of Dracul, traveled back to the 80’s, went on moonshine delivery runs, recorded history, fought in battles with the Vikings, drew amazing pictures and nearly died in an urban fantasy!


Total pages read in October 2018: 3261

My Goodreads challenge 2018 is going decently as I am preparing this post. 108/75. Feel free to friend me and cheer me on :)

Here is my September 2018 Recap!



There is a monster outside the door and the stench of death and decay is seeping through. Wolves howling and prowling outside, voices inside tantalizing with his mind. How much longer will the garlic paste keep the door sealed before this being will break through?

The lost child of lychford.jpg

The Lost Child of Lychford

The novel picks up considerably from the first which makes it a whirlwind of interesting, without losing charm and character. Such a spooky and joyful autumn read.

Gods of Howl Mountain.jpg

Gods of Howl Mountain

Mountain lore, spirits of the whispering trees, moonshine, snake worship and spirit healers! Taylor Brown delivers another tale of amazing intrinsic atmosphere both in place and time. Nostalgically and robust, rooted deeply in Appalachian folklore, this story travels into the depths of a small mountain community of the 1950’s.

the isle of gold.jpg

The Isle of Gold

Merrin Smith, orphaned, makes a home in a scratchy hammock of a seaside brothel kitchen. She has her eye set on the Riptide in the harbor being readied to set sail soon. Disguised as the male sailor ‘Westley Rivers’ she is planning to find employment on that ship, navigated by the notorious Captain Erik Winter.

Blackwells at the Briny Deep.jpg

Blackwells and the Briny Deep

What a crazy adventure! Imagine a leisure sailboat outing gone wrong. With thrills from zombie pirates and monster mermaids to cursed figureheads and wandering sea spirits on a shipwreck island…it is all part of the Blackwells adventure!

the second jungle book.jpg

The Second Jungle Book

What a feast for the mind and the eye. Vibrant and thoughtful, Kipling chose his words with intent to deliver this captivating and provocative piece, sequel to The Jungle Book, turning worldview from humans to animals of the jungle and we can all learn from it.



Indi and his siblings, Beleza, Oscar, and Zulu, have lost their parents three months ago mysteriously. As a family they were known to be sics, monster hunters of the Mediterranean Sea. Now that their parents are gone, all the kids have left is a rickety, dilapidated sailboat with malfunctioning equipment and their parents’ diary.

The chalk man.jpg

The Chalk Man

This was an immense mystery to keep track of in regards to all events going on and clues given. Todor’s imagination is reaching far, branching so broadly that it takes a lot of plot to fill all that space. And she did it. Pretty amazingly too.



This novel is book three in the Menagerie series, and it is excellently crafted. A head spin of a tale. Timeless, retro and futuristic, Vincent wove a plot of different elements and genres into a mindboggling novel.

the librarian.jpg

The Librarians

This was such a darling sweet story! Added with time travel and a magic library, voila! Heaven! ♥



Uplifting, heartfelt and very immersive to read.

Inkling is such a great character to stand by his family in the storm of need. We could all use an Inkling every once in a while. 

Vikings, Godhead.jpg


The graphics are beautiful, the colors and hues ambiguous of times and Nordic feel. And I could look at those all day long…especially them bad Vikings boys ;)


The Internet was my friend this month. I shopped 2 hauls from Bookoutlet! Check out my faves from the hauls :)

At a charity shop I found these beautiful treasures!

  • A 1945 edition of ‘Heidi’

  • A 1915 edition of ‘Little Women’

  • A 1945 edition of ‘The Travels of Marco Polo’

Other physical books that came my way this month :)

I won ‘Lying In Wait’ by Liz Nugent at a GR giveaway,

received ‘The Care and Feeding of Ravenously Hungry Girls’ by Melissa Gray from Berkley Publishing House &

‘The Swan Keeper’ by Milana Marsenich herself for review.

I will be reading those gladly!

I am keeping this wrap up short this time. There were many fabulous links out there to share from this month. (The bookblogging community is amazing!) Due to time constraints, I will have to catch up on those next Recap. By the time you are reading this, I will be on vacation in Florida! I hope you are all having a great Halloween week :)


My Halloween Candy :)

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