September 2018


How are you?

I hope you are well and you had a great reading month! Are you gearing up for cozy times in October?

My September included a great mix of different genres, just the way I like it. I am not sure if it has to do with the change in season, but I have had an interest in illustrated books as of late. Twitter has been very inspirational with posts of folklore art from around the world and the illustrated children’s books that have come out in recent years are amazing. I must have lived under a rock!

I began September with The Wicked + The Divine graphic novel and it did not work for me. Addict was a great Sci-Fi surprise, different, diverse and energetic. A Hero Dreams took my heart and shattered it (in a good way). Spying on Whales was very engaging, easy to understand and simply beautiful. I learned a few more things from it too :) The Way of All Flesh was a tantalizing, eary historical fiction read, coming out in Oct 2nd. The Continent (YA novel) was love at first page for me. Stowing Away With the Vikings is an educational graphic novel I was curious about…it’s the Vikings, why not. Edison, the picture book with an adventure and science minded mouse was gorgeous. My main interest in getting my hands on that book was due to the German illustrator and his work I noticed on Twitter. And Witches of Lychford was short, exquisite and beautifully British :)

Of course I can’t deny being affected some by the change of the season at the moment. The Way of All Flesh, Spinning Silver and Witches of Lychford are all very fitting for fall.

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Currently I am reading Dracul by Dacre Stoker & J.D. Barker. Pub date 10/02/18. I had hoped to get the review wrapped up in here, but I didn’t make it. (Hint: I flipping love it!) It’s over 500 pages, so I will most likely finish the the day after this posting…go figure! I am also reading The Lost Child of Lychford, book 2 in the Witches of Lychford series….because it’s fall….and I want to :)


My Goodreads challenge 2018 is going decently as I am preparing this post. 96/75. Feel free to friend me and cheer me on :)

Here is my September 2018 Recap!

The Wicked & the divine.jpg

The Wicked + the divine

(This review will be on GR. I did not put it on my website)



A science-fiction mystery novella set in the near future where the addiction to virtual reality has become normal and tech-shifting is the way to pass the time and indulge into a little escapism.

A Hero Dreams.jpg

A hero dreams

Beautifully written and heartrending from the beginning. Imagine your younger self discovering the world through innocence, love and carefree days. A beautiful childhood so far…. until you lose one parent. A loss that catapults you into grief, uncertainty, insecurity, doubt, numbness and the ultimate threshold that defies your own future or the end of it.

Spying on Whales.jpg

Spying on whales

Spying on Whales is a beautifully written introduction to the immersive world of whales. From their ancestry to their future, the beauty and evolution of these magnificent creatures as well as their adaptability, influence and importance to their and other ecosystems is explored in easy terms anyone can understand.

the way of all flesh.jpg

the way of all flesh

This novel has that gothic feel….foggy cobblestone streets, low lighted streetlamps, and ale and pleasure houses. Very atmospheric. The thematic is interesting and gruesome at the same time. 19th century medicine made leaps and grave missteps in its development of anesthetics.

The Continent.jpg

The continent

The perfect underdog story for teens / young adults with a strong female heroine.  I liked this novel from the get-go. Well written it tells of new worlds, new chances, travel and romance. What is not to love? I do think this book has slipped under the radar of most readers, but it deserves to be read. It is sweet and entertaining with a message for global peace.

Spinning Slilver.jpg

spinning silver

This retelling based of Rumpelstiltskin is a fantasy fairy tale of epic proportions without the loss of whimsical folklore.

stowing away with the vikings.jpg

stowing away with the vikings

Welcome to the GOOD TIMES TRAVEL AGENCY! The agency that makes it happen. You want to see Ancient Egypt, travel to the Middle Ages or the Ice Age, visit Ancient Greece or Ancient China? Then you are in the right place. Today’s adventure: Stowing Away With the Vikings



When adventure calls upon you, and should you have a weakness for such things, there is hardly a way of not complying…even if you are a mouse!

witches of lychford.jpg

witches of lychford

Enchanting paranormal novella. Bewitching to read on a cozy autumn day.

September 2018 Total pages read: 2453

Book Hauls

You guys will not believe this…I can hardly speak of it…but I only had one little thriftshop haul! So little…it is one book.


I know, I know, I know…It wasn’t that I was so good at constraining myself buying books…. I just had no time to go perusing the shelves! September was very busy for me. I made one thrifting day this month and picked up Prince of Thorns used for 75 cents.

However….that did not stop me last night from ordering a good haul from Book Outlet :) VOILA!

Bookish Social Media

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Honorable mentions:

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The weather is changing. The mornings are glorious for my runs…. As you can see on the last pic, the caterpillars are busy, busy. Soon we will have many, many trees looking that way here in the South.

Life has been full of work, responsibilities and reading…. so I did not follow any special projects this month. Perhaps October will slow a little for me :)

I hope you'll have a fantastic October reading month. Let me know what books you look forward to. 

As always,

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